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Yeelight wireless charger night light

Description :
- White
- Material: ABS + PC
- Battery: 500mAh polymer lithium ion
- Input: 5V 2A / 9V 2A
- Outputs: 5V 5W Max / 9V 10W Max
- Compatible models: Smartphones that support fast charging and wireless charging
Samsung: S9, S8, S8 +, S7, S7 edge, S6 edge +, Note5
Smartphones that support wireless charging:
Suitable for iPhone8, iPhone8 and iPhone X.
Samsung: S6, S6 live
Google: Nexus4, Nexus5, Nexus6, Nexus7HD

Product highlights :
Yeelight Wireless Charged Night Light has many features
Mobile phone wireless charging, magnetic night lighting, wireless fast charging, separate magnetic, LED night light, and warm eye color
Cordless mobile phone fast charging + night lighting, one double use
Yeelight wireless charged night light innovatively combines night light with mobile wireless fast charging, one side supports mobile wireless fast charging, i.e. it is fully charged, eliminating manual operation and a separate magnetic night on the other side light provides warm light
Smart Wireless Fast Charging supports fast charging of various devices
Yeelight wireless charging night light using imported chipset, wireless fast charging technology, smart compatibility, making mobile phone charging more convenient
Wireless fast charging design, safe and stable
Yeelight unlimited charge night light, motherboard security design with overcurrent protection and current and voltage regulation design, surge protection, charging tips, foreign object ID, charge security, keys, scissors, etc. -danger to foreign objects, avoiding safety hazards
Detachable magnetic night light, you will feel the unprecedented "magnetic" field
In addition to the powerful wireless charging function on the left, the magnetic night light on the right is also full of charm, the night light can be separated from the magnetic design, after the separation you can rely on magnetic adsorption on the home surface makes life more harmonious
Warm and warm yellow light
Night warm watch, 2700K warm, white, comfortable and warm color temperature, no dazzling night, professional optical design, protection of the family's sleeping environment
Patented magnetic positioning, automatic night charging of low night light
Patented magnetic positioning design, 180 ° magnetic alignment, wireless charging panel for night light charging, 3 - 4 hours charging, warm yellow light for up to 24 hours, cool white light for up to 11 hours

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