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Yeelight Motion Sensor Night light

Intimate functions can be designed in low light, with a soft petal-style light distribution, a built-in Fresnel lens, and a light-sensitive sensor to accommodate a variety of home decorations;

Key features:

● Easy to install

● Open the rear hook and attach it to the desired location

● Peel off an adhesive tape from a backing and apply a light to any necessary corners that extend into stairs, stairs, cabinets, the bed, or the entrance.

● The product has a built-in magnetic

● Long run time

● With a built-in, high-quality 750 mA high-capacity lithium battery, a single USB port can be charged if you have a blade pro for 120 days

● Infrared human body sensor:

● 120 degree detection angle, 5-7 meters forward detection distance, 2-3 meters per page. With the advanced light-sensitive function, the light turns on automatically in a dark environment

● Two exposure modes

● Detection mode: when people are close refugees, they turn on and off automatically while people leave the room for 15 seconds

● Constant lighting: brightly illuminates the night so you are looking for your objects at night

● Cozy warm white light

● 2700K warm light, comfortable and warm light color heat temperature use

4.490 Ft ($14.40)
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