Xiaomi Mi Roborock Vacuum Cleaner S50

The Xiaomi Mi Roborock vacuum cleaner (unless you suggest it) can create a unique combination between a robotic vacuum cleaner and a unique mop.

Why buy this robot vacuum cleaner?

  • -Excellent price compared to selected products of this type
  • -Navigation with 2 cameras, creating an optimal route thanks to vSLAM algorithms
  • -Huge suction power: 2500 Pa
  • -The new design corresponds to a vacuum and a wipe at the same time
  • -You can conveniently check that the cradle can be placed on a mobile phone

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You know where he's going

The Xiaomi Mi Roborock vacuum cleaner does not include LIDAR technology, but a pair of cameras that fit a LIDAR much better than many would think. It optimizes the cleaning path if it does not precipitate chemically and does not become common when the vacuum cleaner relies on 7 different sensors in addition to the cameras. in case of charge.

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Adequate performance

If a vacuum cleaner has a suction capacity of up to 2500 Pa. This message can absorb crumbs, pet hair, and a small harbor, keeping in mind the hard floor, keeping in mind the carpet. A port stores it in a 600 ml container equipped with the most suitable HEPA filter. In addition, 200 ml of water and detergent tank oz.

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It just doesn't stop

The Mi Robot comes out in advance when a rubber wheel draws attention to the fact that it is visiting a two-centimeter high and requires an 8-centimeter farm support. you can easily get under a 10 cm high bed or sofa. Or where it’s hard to get through with a classic vacuum cleaner.

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Easy to use phone easily

To help you use the MiHome app (Android and iOS), you need to set a specific timeline if you want to reach thirty against one dirt in the first step in the first step, i.e. what if an adaptation point can be charged. You can schedule.

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