Xiaomi Mi Power Strip (3-outlet, 3 USB)

  • 3 db. standard 'D' socket and 3 USB charging outputs with 5V / 3.1A combined and 5V / 2.1A individual output power.


  • Compact and minimalist design, adequate space around the sockets.
  • It also meets the highest safety standards, each socket has a unique safety bridge. Double overload protection.


  • One-button operation and control system, easy to use.
  • Maximum cable length 1.4 meters. Non-slip inserts on the bottom plate in the screw hole.


  • Sophisticated workmanship and design: Reinforced double welding process for long life

Compact and minimalist design, fits most home decor styles. Connectors rotated 45 ° for easy operation. You don’t have to compromise between beauty and practicality

The highest level of security. Double overload and short circuit protection. More secure than traditional overload protection systems. Each socket is individually protected. The entrance to the villas is covered and childproof.

If the electrical load exceeds the standard, there is a risk of overload, short circuit and fire. That’s why we chose our supplier, Qiao Electric, with a history of nearly 20 years, to design, develop and manufacture the protection circuit. The overload protection is activated when the load increases dangerously, at which point the circuit trips and the distributor switches off. Thus, fire can be effectively avoided if e.g. a short circuit occurs. Press the switch after troubleshooting to restore normal operation


To make our products safer, we use high-quality PC plastics to make covers and strong plastic parts. The material is mixed with flame retardant additives that have been tested at high temperatures: in accordance with industry standards, the distributor does not ignite up to 750 ° C.


Each socket has an independent security door! Children do not understand what is dangerous and what is not, they can accidentally insert their fingers or a metal object into the connector. To prevent this danger, separate safety doors have been installed on each socket. Ensuring that the plug can only be connected straight, it must be pushed in with a minimum force of 75 Newtons (approx. 15 lbs) to open the safety doors. This does not affect normal operation, but allows for extremely safe use.



750 ° C

75 N

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