Mi Electric Toothbrush Head (3-pack, regular)


This is the three-series Xiaomi Mi Home Sonic toothbrush, but also an optimal comfort for a tooth surface when it greatly increases engine performance and uses a high filter capacity brush. A mini brush, advanced, deeply cleaned, whitewashed, phagemic, prevents fogging and restores sedation, stain and mist stain.

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Main characteristics:

-American high density DuPont bristle; stainless, metal-free, environmentally friendly and healthy

-The design of the Mini head allows the cleaning of hard-to-reach, interdental areas

-The bristles increase by a high level of 40 points and each bristle is rounded to avoid scratching the fog surface or injury to the gums.

-Remember the replacement cycle, you can check the life of the brush heads with the applications

-The Xiaomi Mi Home Sonic Fog Accessories

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