Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier antibacterial filter

Save 31%
  • It can be up to 99% of the antibacterial content
  • Effectively filters out PM2.5 particles
  • Activated carbon is able to absorb methanate
  • All air handling equipment: We are air purifier 2 / 2S / 2H / 3H / Pro 934177703546, 1.jpg? 1596190280026

It can kill bacteria

In need of product protection, a filter material can be used that can effectively capture and kill bacteria and mites.

Effective filter material- the upper TORAY filter should be used to reduce a wind resistance.

High quality activated carbon metanal with excellent odor and contaminant absorption

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Excellent antibacterial performance

This filter can be used for 1 year and it is recommended to replace it every 3-6 months. need to be replaced

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Color: Purple

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