Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H Air Purifier

data sheet


WiFi 802.11 b / g / n

Other features:

Cleaning speed up to 310m3 / h, recommended maximum Cleaning point size 21m2-32m2, air quality sensor, mobile application with temperature and humidity control



Its weight:

4.5 kg (easy and filters)


ABS plastic

Input voltage:

AC 100-220 V 50 / 60Hz



Basic What is air purifier air purifier information

  • -A HEPA filters more effectively server PM2.5 particles were 0, 3 um size
  • -Cleaning speed 260 m³ / h
  • -100% was removed from the port, pollen, chemicals and animal hair from the air
  • Cleaning in a space of -18-31 is possible in just 20 minutes
  • -Control via mobile application
  • -Automatic control and quiet operation
  • -Connects to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • -Levegőminőség sensor

Breathe clean air not only in nature

The high pressure inside the device results in higher airflow, which, when touched at a speed of 260 m³ / h, produces air from a room with a harmful composition and a dust. motor, or such aerodynamic pressure system cooling, which includes a particle and pushes it up with great force and then ceases. Higher levels of HEPA can be observed per filter, such as the smell of harmful chemicals, plant pollen, animal hair, or cigarettes. PM2.5 particles (up to 0.3 μm) were filtered by 99.97> # / span ###.

The air is under complete control

Use a cell phone to control a structure. If a very convenient telephone connection is made and implemented, if you forget to relax, then the Our home application requires an on-site air quality improvement. The air purifier is able to operate automatically and clearly set a night shift if daytime speeds are not achieved permanently, if the purifier extends the documents, it will wake you up and wake you up. to make the right choice for your customers.

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