Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2C Air Purifier

The Mi Mi Air Purifier 2C is a unique economic change for Xiaomi air purifiers.

2C end of two-level cleaning: a first VAT filter server with a larger LAG filter, a port, a Catholic, a port, a ha

The air purifier sucks in and cleans 360 degrees of air through about 1,000 holes in just about 10 minutes. Ideal for 30-35 square meters metis high-pitched heglys.

On the air purifier, a real-time indicator can immediately see your air pollution, which means three different variations: a red weight, an orange pup, an orange weight, an orange weight, an orange weight, an orange ped ig s green,

Xiaomi Mi 2C Air Purifier Specifications

Power consumption: 33 W

Ionizer: 350 m3 / hour

Recommended room size: Up to 30 m2

Weight (gross): 5 kg

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