About Oowya

About Oowya

Online shopping is becoming popular all over the world. Normally, due to limited time, we cannot reach the store, so we will order the products you have seen online. This not only saves time, but also saves energy. Almost everywhere, there is a trend that before we buy anything, we first look around the market, compare prices, and then make a purchase decision.

We also want to save time, so we created Oowya, which is more than just an online store.

Oowya can provide merchants with a variety of e-commerce solutions. We can not only create your own independent online store for merchants, but you can also choose to enter our online store Oowya.com directly.

If you choose to create an independent online store, your online store can automatically form an online business alliance with Oowya.com. Because the products in your independent online store can also be sold directly on Oowya.com, and Oowya.com will provide advertising support for your online store.

For more information , please check: https://oowya.com/online_store

Oowya.com employs excellent programmers. Using the latest technology, we ensure that our platform operates normally. Therefore, registered entrepreneurs from different countries/regions can become online merchants on our website in a short time, even at a low cost.

One of the greatest benefits of our platform is that our customers throughout the European Union can in most cases quickly access our products even in their own language. We make it possible through artificial intelligence-artificial intelligence automatically translates the website into a given language-thus ensuring the convenience of purchase. With this technology, we also make the life of businessmen easier, because they don’t have to translate the product into a given language one at a time, so they can upload it to the Oowya.com website immediately.


Our philosophy

-Focus on consumers

-Serve customers as our own duty

-Establish a high-quality platform based on IT technology

-Provide excellent platform services

We do not sell products, we only provide satisfactory online platforms and services for your sales or shopping