About Oowya

About Oowya

Online shopping is gaining ground in the world. There can often be a situation where we don’t get to a store due to lack of time, so we order the product you look online. This can not only save time, but also energy. The trend is almost everywhere that before we buy anything, we first look around the market, compare prices, and only then make a purchase decision.

We also want to save this time, so we created the Oowya.com webshop, the idea of which was born in Hungary.

Oowya.com is an excellent option not only for customers, but also for small and medium-sized businesses, as they can operate successfully in the long run at lower costs.

Our goal is to gain as many small and medium-sized enterprises as possible in the market, in addition to large companies, so that not only would our product range be larger, but we could also provide stable jobs for more people.

We want a lot of European Union companies to join us. In this way, the national specialties of many countries would be available through a website without leaving our country. This option would be a huge step forward for both entrepreneurs and buyers.

Oowya.com employs excellent programmers. Using the latest technologies, we make sure that our platform works flawlessly. Thus, entrepreneurs registered from different countries can become online merchants on our site in a short time, even at low costs.

One of the biggest benefits of our platform is that our customers across the EU can quickly access our products, in most cases even in their own language. We made this possible with an artificial intelligence - which automatically translates the website into the given language - thus ensuring a convenient purchase. With this technology, we also make life easier for merchants, as they do not have to translate their products into the given language one by one, so they can be uploaded to the Oowya.com website in an instant.

For us, customer satisfaction is the most important aspect, so we have developed an automated customer service that can answer questions in two languages. So the person interested can count on our help around the clock.

Our philosophy

- Focus on consumers

- Take service to merchants as our responsibility

- Build high-quality platforms based on IT technology

- Provide excellent platform services

We do not sell products, we only provide satisfactory online platforms and services for your sales or shopping